GrillnChill Backpack

•   Grill and Cooler Combination.

•   Heavy Gauge Steel Grilling Pan.

•   Flipper Grill with Retractable Handles. 

•   Duel Chamber Carry Bag.

•   Inner Chamber for Grill and Pan.

•   Insulated Chamber Chills Meat for Grilling.

•   Two Direction No-Leak Liner.

•   Backpack Straps for Hands-Free Carrying.

•   Large Dry Storage Pocket for Dry Goods or Charcoal

The Best Thing To Happen To CoolersSince Ice. TM

The GrillnChill Backpack boasts a grill that fits in a duel chamber cooler and grill carry bag with an additional chamber for dry goods or charcoal.  

The insulated 10 can cooler can be used to store meat for grilling.  The grill burns charcoal for great tasting steaks,  burgers, chicken, hot dogs or brats.   Why settle for a cold sandwich when grilling on the go is this easy! Enjoy a great barbecue without the hassle of a full size grill.  Hike to your favorite picnic spot and grill-up a great tasting meal!

Grill Size 8.0”H x 12.5”L x 12.5”W

Pack Size: 8.0”H x 18.5”L x 12.5” W